The company since 2010 works in the field of ecological and environmental services, retrieving and managing special wastes (mainly Scrap Tyres, Ferrous Scraps), recovering and recycling materials suitable for reuse as substitution of equivalent raw materials.

Our waste supplying clients look to us to provide a trustworthy and environmentally way of processing their wastes.

Clients who use our quality end products are looking for sustainable, clean and versatile materials with a low environmental impact.

With our innovative management and machinery, we are able to recover and recycle 95% of the materials of the wastes. So, 95% product recycling is not only  good news for the environment but it also means high sustainability credentials and high efficiency for quality products at a competitive cost.

The use of renewable energy for production as well as the management of the wastes and the recycle of materials  in full accordance with the applicable national and EU laws on environment complete the way for the achievement of a better sustainability.

We are licensed by the local Environment Agency and we enforce the waste management according with EU 333/2011.


Eurekarec is deeply committed on keeping a healthy and safe environment , therefore it is based on Green Economy business.

The renewable energy is the core of this business. Thank to a huge usage of photovoltaic panels , Eureka is reduces drastically the environmental impact due to the transformation of raw materials.

The photovoltaic panels transform the solar power into electric energy without causing any form of pollution. That is the reason why this kind of energy is called “clean energy”